Lyn Craven Naturopath Bowen Therapist Herbalist Nutritionist Meditation Teacher Corporate Health Consultant


"The Doctor of The Future will give no Medicine,
but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame,
in diet and in the cause and prevention of diseaseā€


Benefits of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a complete wholelistic approach to helping people resolve a wide variety of health disorders.

Relevant tests maybe required i.e. conventional blood tests, live blood screening, clot retraction test, allergy testing, including medical tests such as
ultrasound, xrays etc.

Please bring all medicatioin including natural supplements you are taking with you when you attend your appointment along with all recent test results (in last 2-3 weeks).

Always ask your doctor for a copy of your results and if possible bring a spare copy for my records.

Please allow additional time in case the consult needs to go longer than an hour for your first appointment.

Discover the benefits of incorporating naturopathy into your healing journey and learn how it can also be used in conjunction with all types of conventional/medical treatments.

To assist you resolve your health disorders and aim to optimise your vitality I offer herbal and homoeopathic remedies, vitamin and mineral supplments including trace minerals, probiotics, variety of live bacteria for healthy intestinal/gut function, digestive enzymes and Bach flower remedies to name a few.

Please see the link below for extensive information on Naturopathy.

Reactive Hypoglycemia

This low blood sugar disorder is quite common yet goes untreated on many occasions, often being overlooked by medical people. 

Natural remedies and change of diet and lifestyle assessment can help greatly to balance Reactive Hypoglycemia, it takes more than just "grazing" with regular
ingestions of food, you need to supply the body with essential nutrients and remedies that will help balance the metabolism, liver, pancreas and stomach enzymes and

If you continue eating in-appropriately for too long and have continual blood sugar fluctuations this can result in late onset diabetes.

If you are troubled by constant sugar/carbohydrate craving, or insatiable appetite, anxiety, palpitations, dizzy, feeling fatigued, lightheaded, feeling faint and inability to concentrate these are just a few of the more common symptoms.

In some cases there could be an underlying genetic tendency to develop reactive hypoglycemia.  It is also related to hormonal changes.

Do you suffer from chronic/acute Excema?  Then contact me for an assessment - I treat excema with topical and herbal remedies.  Dietary and lifestyle assessments and if required, supplementation.
Very good results have occurred with consistency of remedies - even with long standing case where a man had suffered since a young child up to present age - mid 30's.

How amazing is the body!

Did you know that the Skin will replace itself once a month
The Stomach Lining will replace itself every 4 days
The Liver will replace itself every 6 weeks
The Skeletal system will replace itself every 3 months
A Complete Body Renewal will occur during a 3-10 year span.

By the end of an entire year approximately 98% of atoms in your body will have been exchanged for new ones!

Treatments are always offered and included with every Naturopathic consult depending on duration of consult - experience benefits of always receiving a treatment with your Naturopathic consult.

I believe it is very important to treat the body (often with Bowen therapy) in conjunction with all Naturopathic consults.  Over time I have observed how this speeds up healing and helps free up chi energy in the body.

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