Lyn Craven Naturopath Bowen Therapist Herbalist Nutritionist Meditation Teacher Corporate Health Consultant

"If you are At Peace With yourself,
you Will discern Peace Around You,”

Sri Sathya Sai Baba 

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation soothes, calms and nurtures your emotional nature. You are at peace with yourself – releasing all stress, physical, mental and emotional

Meditation is one of the most powerful and easy healing tools to learn. It is an excellent adjunct to all other therapies and treatments you may receive.

The positive aspects for the physical body are:

  • Assisting in lowering blood pressure and slowing down the cardiovascular system
  • Assisting in restoring balanced function to the digestive system allowing all nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently
  • Relaxing and nurturing entire nervous system
  • Assists in relaxing muscle tension
  • Diminishes intensity of some headaches/migraines
  • With practice can assist you in generating your own self healing to any part of the body where your intention is focused

The positive aspects for the emotional body are:

  • Freeing the mind from self doubts and internal chatter
  • Releasing fears
  • Releasing and resolving anxiety
  • Assisting with depression and generating optimism
  • Generating self esteem, confidence and motivation
  • Regaining your Inner Power and strengthening your Will
  • Instils patience, tolerance, self acceptance and self love
  • Releasing judgmental attitudes and thoughts
  • Releasing self doubts
  • Releasing anger, aggression and allowing the peace of love to flow into your life
  • Stimulating mental focus and clarity of mind.
  • Assists in grief and trauma generating emotional equilibrium
  • Allows you to reach a place within for forgiveness for self and others

The positive aspects for the spiritual body are:

  • A deeper connection to a Higher Power/God/Spirit
  • A stronger connection and appreciation to all aspects of life and creation
  • Self Trust and Trust in the unknown - Higher Power
  • Stronger intuitive abilities
  • Receptivity to clear guidance from the subconscious mind, psychic awareness and channelling
  • Openness to inspirational ideas, thoughts and visions
  • A stronger sense of your own presence, life path and destiny

Meditation and Creative Visualisation

Whilst listening to this CD and the sound of my voice you will begin to experience a deeper sense of relaxation whilst initially focusing on your breathing, in turn allowing your mind to become more centred and at peace. It is recommended that if your mind wanders at anytime simply bring your focus back to your breath and your breathing, flowing in and out naturally and easily.

As you begin to relax in the place you are in you can then allow you mind to take a guided journey – this is called Creative Visualisation. Creative Visualisation allows you to stimulate your imagination and use the Power of Your Mind to generate self healing by releasing all stress and experiencing the positive aspects mentioned previously, in turn drawing that which you desire into your life. Creative visualisation allows you to change the way you think and perceive life, empowering you to generate a positive Transformation

Some people are very visual and may have experiences liken to lucid dreaming whereby they see blurry or clear images on what is often referred to as the “inner screen” or 3rd eye. With practice you will learn to decipher what you see and sense, which will in turn assist you in various aspects of your life, such as decisions, deeper awareness of your inner-self, goal manifestation and more. Some people have their visual senses activated quite strongly and for others, it is their feeling senses or a strong sense of knowing. It is different for everyone. Your 5 senses are stimulated during creative visualisation so when in a deep relaxed state the experiences can be heightened.

How often should I meditate?

I do recommend practicing meditation daily. Find a time that is convenient either morning, mid day or evening for at least 15-20 minutes. Make sure that you will not be disturbed, such as taking the phone off the hook. If you have a garden you may wish to go outside, but be sure to choose a quiet place otherwise you maybe distracted. What is most important is that you are comfortable, and supporting your head if lying down, and that you are warm, as your body temperature will lower during a deep relaxation period.

You may find that if this is your first attempt that your mind drifts frequently or that you feel that you have no particular experiences with activating your 5 senses. This is quite natural and the more you practice meditation the more you will develop a stronger ability to experience visual images.

The most important aspect is to relax and allow every part of your body to let go; trusting that whatever “message” you appear to receive is perfect for you right now. Your intuitive abilities will strengthen over time and in turn generate confidence optimism in your life. Your body and mind will learn to relax more spontaneously and external stresses will have less impact on you.

Lyn Craven ©2007

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