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Ear Candling
Ear Candling

Ear Candling is an ancient healing treatment, which is experiencing a revival in modern times. It was used by many of the ancient cultures such as the Hopi Indians of North America, Egyptians, Oriental and Europeans.

Some candles are made from beeswax and herbs – others just from beeswax. I prefer to use candles that contain herbs since I feel this enhances the treatment. The candle is gently inserted just at the entrance to the ear and held steadily during the entire treatment. It is then removed when the flame reaches a certain point just above wear the therapist holds the candle. Some brands have a “red line” around the candle indicating that you must remove it once the flame reaches this point and have a safety filter. No beeswax, or sediment falls into the ear. The person will lay on their side for a couple of minutes and then they change over and lie on their other side for treatment of the 2nd ear.

This is a safe, pain free and effective remedy can be used for many ear disorders from excess wax, infections, swimmers ear, glue ear, tinnitus etc. Also used for certain headaches, sinusitis and sore throats.

Everyone receiving this treatment comments on how relaxing it is with no discomfort. Some relief from congestion (if present), has been apparent just after one treatment. Ear candling is great to receive when you are suffering upper respiratory congestion after a bad cold or flu – it will clear all the nasal/sinus passages and free up breathing allowing you also to talk without the “stuffy” nose feeling which occurs when there is too much catarrhal build up. Even if only ear appears to be the problem it is always recommended to treat both ears in the one session.

When I treat people with ear candling I also include either gentle stimulation of acupressure points on the face, head and neck and around the ears or a light massage to assist with lymph drainage using some essential oils. The full treatment takes 1 hour. Ear Candling is very relaxing - you may even fall asleep!

If a person wears mechanical device in their ears or they have had surgery or the inside of the ear is highly inflamed (has a boil/abscess inside the ear), then they cannot receive ear candling.

There has been some mis-leading information circulated concerning ear candling and I have spoken to some people who thought hardened wax actually came away at the end of the session, or in fact was attached to the end of the candle when it was removed, this has never been the case with treatments I have conducted!. The warmth of the candle assists in softening any hardened wax to enable you to remove it a little later with a tiny piece of cotton wool. Cotton buds must not be used to clean out your ears, they are too slim and people often poke them too far inside the ear, which can cause damage. Your little finger is the perfect size anatomically to fit into your ear with some cotton wool to clear out any wax later, after the treatment.

There is no extreme heat during an ear candling treatment, and you do not get burnt! The sensation is a warm pleasant feeling and sometimes you may hear some crackling noises which are simply the flame slowly burning down the candle. It is not like a regular wax candle that you burn! In some stubborn cases pure virgin olive oil might be recommended to assist further with swimmers ear, eczema, dry itchy ears. Depending on each person and what the symptoms they present with this oil may be used over a period of 4 days.

If the person presents with upper respiratory disorders like sinus or hayfever for instance then I would also administer some herbal remedies to assist with the overall treatment.

Many people receive 2-4 ear candling treatments – depending on the chronicity of the problem, often attending weekly, though in some chronic cases they may receive 2 treatments in the first week.

It is always safer and more efficient to have someone conduct the ear candling session for you, otherwise attempting to treat yourself may lead to burns or poor insertion whereby you would not reap the benefits you seek. Once the candling is complete with the first ear the still lit candle is placed into a container of water to extinguish it safely.

Most manufacturers will provide instructions for use of candles – these must be adhered to at all times for safety reasons.

All in all a pleasant and relaxing treatment to receive which from personal experience and observation of clients I can recommend.

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Please note:  There is an additional cost of $10 for the ear candles on top of the hourly consult fee of $88