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Lab Tests
Lab Tests

I can refer you for a variety of tests, some you can obtain via medicare, others will be through functional labs which require payment.

Please click here to find a list of the most common tests available, this is by no means extensive.

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Live Blood Screening

Bolan's Clot Retraction test

What is Thermagraphy?

Infrared imaging will give you functional information about your body which you will not receive by receiving x-rays or MRI’s etc.

This testing helps you to identify areas that you may need to monitor and investigate further/treat. There is no radiation exposure.

If you have conventional blood tests please bring them with you for your first appointment and a copy so I can keep it on your file.

Stool Tests

Basic stool tests can be obtained via your GP/Medicare. 

Alternatively Functional Labs provide a more extensive test.  They will provide you with a kit and instructions.  Results will come back to me so I can see if you have any parasites, or imbalance of gut flora - Faecal Microbial analysis.

RT PCR Tests - Mycoplasma species, Chlamydophila and Borrelia etc

Immunology -EliSpot Test - detecting Chlamydophila pneumonia Lysate

Urinary Pyrrole Analysis