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Over the years I have written a number of articles so here are a few that you may like to read through to find out more about the different disorders that I have treated.
Some magazines I have written for are:

  • Options Magazine
  • Good Health Guide
  • Alive Australia
  • Fernwood
  • Natural Health & Vegetarian Magazine
  • Insight Magazine
  • Nova Magazine
  • True Natural Health Magazine
  • Prediction Magazine (UK)
  • Go 55's For the Active Senior

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Bowen Therapy and how it can help you

Fatty Liver

Uterine Polyps

Do you suffer from Menorrhagia?

Bolan's Clot Retraction Test

Leaky Gut Syndrome

How to protect your skin in the hot summer sun

Foundation of Health

Summer Cleanse (detoxing)

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Benefits of Lycopene

You are what you assimilate!

Creating a positive energy space

Are you feeling SAD?

Restless leg Syndrome


What is Naturopathy?

How can Reiki benefit you?

Managing pressure - stress

Resolving the "mouse arm" (computer strain)



Happy Adrenals

Fungal Infections

Brain Foods for Success!

Vitamin D

Allergy triggers

Do you suffer from Amenorrhoea?

Jojoba magic!

Benefits of Meditation

Food for Beauty

Do you suffer from Dysmenorrhoea?

Benefits of Flower remedies

Beating the Sugar Addiction

Prolapsed/weak Bladder - easing the strain

Weight Loss - getting back to basics

Grains of the Ancients

Ear candling

Bowen Therapy explained

Epstein Barr virus/Glandular Fever 

Maintaining Gut Integrity Part 1

Live Blood Screening

Part 2 of Maintaining Gut Integrity
   called: Making Changes

Do you experience Bloating? 

The Power of Enzymes

Love your Kidneys

Staying healthy post menopause

Herbs are Better!  Part 1
Herbs are Better!  Part 2

Sleep yourself Slim!    

Insulin Resistance 

Do you have Gout? 

Keeping your Liver Healthy Part 1

Keeping your Liver Healthy Part 2

Natural Medicine - v - Orthodox Medicine

Treating Eczema with Natural Remedies
page 1

page 2

page 3

Feeling bloated Part 1

Feeling bloated Part 2

Gentle Healing Art of Reiki



Staying Young

Back Pain Pelvic Tilt/Rotation

Do you suffer from intestinal prolapse or other organ prolapse?

Do you suffer from intestinal prolapse or other organ prolapse part 2

Neuroprotective Therapy Part 1

Neuroprotective Therapy Part 2

A Healing Soak

Unwelcome Guests - more about Parasites

Resolving Neck Pain Naturally

Prolapsed Bladder and Uterus

Staying healthy post menopause

Help with Healing Glaucoma naturally
Healing the spine naturally