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Additional Natural therapies
Additional Natural therapies

Bach Flowers

I often incorporate Bach flowers into herbal remedies or dispense as individual remedies. Bach flowers are tailor made for your individual needs and are quite safe to use with no side effects both on young children/aged people and animals. Flower remedies can assist you with emotional issues such as grief, sadness, anger, frustration, along with life direction and change. They can also assist you in letting go of unwanted "baggage" from your life enabling you to move forward more positively without unnecessary burdens or attachments you have long outgrown.

Rescue remedy is a popular remedy for people to take with them during stressful periods of their life and even when travelling long haul flights.
These remedies are very subtle in their healing.

Bach flowers can also be applied topically when blended in creams and they do not interfere with any pharmaceutical medication you may be taking.  Find out more about Bach Flowers by clicking on this article published in Options Magazine.


Essential Oils

These oils are commonly used in aromatherapy treatments but can also be absorbed by the body in baths and vapourisation. Depending on your individual needs at the time of your consultation I may suggest the use of appropriate oils to assist in cases of respiratory disorders such as colds and influenza. The use of inhalations along with herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation can bring about a faster recovery in relieving congestion from the sinuses and lungs.

Essentials oils are very powerful and they should be used with care. Majority of them should not be applied direct to the skin since this can cause irritation. Exceptions here would be Tea tree and lavender. However small amount of carrier oil such as apricot, almond or jojoba oil can be used to dilute the potency here for topical applications.

If you require facial/body oils formulated for your individual needs I can create a blend for you from 50 -100ml bottles. Body creams can also be blended for you.

Ladies who are pregnant are recommended to avoid use of a majority of essential oils in baths and massage. If you are uncertain, please discuss with me during your consultation.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy heals by activating the Chi Force Energy that is all around us, and balances the natural life force energy fields that sustain the human body. If your energy becomes blocked within the body it results in pain, tension, stress etc. Polarity incorporates gentle rocking of the body and occasional rotation and stretching of legs to release constriction and tension. Hands are placed on positive and negative points of the body this sends an energy current between the 2 points, recharging the body as it flows. This therapy is very deeply relaxing.

Polarity teaches that the pain and discomforts of life are signals for us to pay attention to the messages the body is sending us to learn. Such situations present an opportunity to change and realign our lives.

On a physical level Polarity Therapy is used to treat numerous back problems, including rotating and tilting pelvis, short leg syndrome, tennis shoulder and more. Polarity therapy can increase levels of energy, relieve fatigue, stress, relax muscular tension, balance the nervous system, increase body awareness, release emotional holding patterns, and provide overall sense of well-being.

Polarity therapy is received fully clothed, so please wear comfortable clothing. I occasionally incorporate some polarity therapy techniques during a reiki treatment.