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Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine

Formulating herbal remedies





Herbs have been used for thousands of years successfully in different therapeutic philosophies. Throughout history and in recent times there is a strong growing interest in their use for many health disorders and to restore balance and harmony to our body.

They play a very important role in the spiritual healing ecology of the North American Indians of which I use many of their herbs, along with herbs from Australia, China and several other countries.

When you visit a herbalist your formula will be blended in accordance with your own unique individual needs after a full health assessment is taken. These can be given to you in the form of extracts or herbal tinctures/potions. 

I practice traditional western herbalism.  All liquid extracts have an alcohol base since this is the most efficient "medium" to extract the active's from the plant.  If a person has a reservation in taking remedies with alcohol base such as religous reasons, or recovery from alcoholism or other, then capsules will have to be administered.  However there is a wider variety of herbs available in extract and tincture base than there are in capsule form.

Liquid herbs are always assimilated more efficiently, since capsules and tablets can be hindered by any mal absorption or deficiencies with the digestive tract.  On a rare occasion someone could be highly sensitive to a particular herb ie. may contain salicylates (as in asprin) so then alternative remedies will have to be given.

Herbal medicine is very safe and gentle when administered in trained hands.  It is not recommended that you attempt to blend any remedies you may purchase retail and create your own formulas from any articles you may read since to do so may prove not only ineffective but possibly dangerous.  If you are taking any pharmaceutical medication of any type you must always advise me of this since these drugs often contain powerful activites and can challenge the herb - thereby causing side affects. 

It is important that the prescribed dosage be followed in order for you to obtain the optimum results.  On occasions this doseage may be altered in some way depending on how you respond and recover.

Herbal extracts/tinctures are not addictive like with some pharmaceutical drugs. 


Ayurveda/Herbal Energetics
Ayurveda means “The Science of Life” and therefore the science of herbal energetics. This is an ancient system used to determine the qualities and powers of herbs used in accordance with the laws of nature.  Herbs are selected for your individual needs along with your constitution type. The 3 main constitution types being Kapha, Vata and Pitta. Assessment of a person’s constitution is ascertained during a consultation. 

I often incorporate the Ayurvedic principles along with Galenical principles (from Western herbalism) and utilise both diagnositic approaches to assist in formulating the right remedies for you.  Plants absorb the energy of the sun and in turn, bring to us the healing energy power of the sun along with all the nutritional and mineral content it absorbs from the earth.

Bach Flowers are often incorporated into herbal remedies or formulated and dispensed in a seperate bottle.  Please see tab to the left on Additional natural therapies.

"The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother,
She nourishes us; that which we put into the ground she returns to us, and
Healing Plants she gives us likewise”
Big Thunder, North American Indian, 1900

“The essence of all beings is Earth.
The essence of the Earth is Water.
The essence of Water is plants.
The essence of plants is the human being”
Chandogya Upanishad I.1.2.