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Energy Space Clearing for Business's and Home
Energy Space Clearing for Business's and Home

Blocked stagnant energy can reside in many buildings.  The ancient art of Feng Shui has paid particular attention to clearing such energy and thereby allowing a free flow of positive Chi throughout the home or business.

Many different cultures have used their own methods to up this blocked energy and I draw upon both Native American and Buddhist's principles to generate a positve change in your business or home.

In some instances it may just be the one room that is troublesome, other times the entire home or building or office floor requires clearing.

I have cleared energy in business office's and residential homes - sizes varying from a 4 bedroom home down to a small 1 bedroom apartment.

The duration and cost will vary in accordance with size of premises and location (travel duration).

Usually I am in the room/home/office on my own and on occasions if the need arises I may ask the person in charge of the office to finalise the clearing
with me by sharing in a very short meditation.  Other occasions it is important for me to leave the premises as soon as I have completed the clearing so
that new energy can settle.  It really depends on the individual situation.

If you are experiencing uncomfotable feelings in the home you have just moved into, or maybe lived in for a while, or perhaps you are trying to sell and the property is simply not selling even though it may be in a prime location then contact me to discuss energy space clearing.

On other occasions past occupants may have past over whilst living in the home and left either stagnant or uncomfortable energy behind.  Perhaps they had been very ill for a long time and this "sick" energy lingers long after.  Rare occasions other's may have met an untimely and maybe not pleasant ending whereby this darker heavier energy is impacting on new occupants or even sale of the home.

This latter example may require past energy/spirit's to be lifted to the light and allow positive healing energy to flow throughout the home.

Todate I have had positve feedback from those I have assisted in freeing up old, heavy, stagnant energy.  However we are dealing with energy forces beyond the physical and there are no guarantee's.  I note this so you are fully aware and therefore I cannot promise what the outcome will be, just as it is even when you attempt to improve your health and well being, occasionally discrepancies occur.  Individual cases are such that we must always stay open and receptive to positive outcomes and try our best to maintain and achieve this at all times.

On occasion's Real Estate agents have contacted me when one property was simply not selling since the last occupant had been murdered on the premises.  At the time I was unable to
attend due to being interstate.  Initially the agent did not want to declare what the situation had been but I had already assessed it energetically and due to the urgency here I suggested starting out with smudging until I returned to Sydney.  The house eventually sold once the energy was cleared and had settled.

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Miimum visit 1.5 hours $250
Every half hour thereafter is $50

If you live further away from my area in the Eastern suburbs, Sydney then duration of travel may need to be considered.

A small 1 bedroom apartment could take approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours
A 2 bedroom apartment could take 1.5 hours to 2 hours
A 3 bedroom apartment could take 2 hours to 2.5 hours

If any of the above have a courtyard or garden this may also require clearing and could take an additional 15 mins.

A 2-3 bedroom home with front and back yard/garden could take approximately 2 hours to 3 hours depending on size.
A 3-4 bedroom home could take approximately 3 hours to 3. 5hours.

One office space could take 1 to 1.5 hours depending on intensity of energy and often suitable placement is required of furniture to improve on efficiency
Energy can take 5-7 days to settle upon completion depending on the time of year and temperature.

If you would like to discuss with me or you would like to arrange for a energy space clearing please email   Thank you,  Lyn