Lyn Craven Naturopath Bowen Therapist Herbalist Nutritionist Meditation Teacher Corporate Health Consultant

I have used natural therapies for many years and found them particularly helpful for candida and an allergic skin condition, which I suffered from for quite some time, including reactive hypoglycemia. Herbs are so gentle yet very powerful.

About 3 years ago I was told I had a type of Rheumatoid Arthritis where upon my whole body just seemed to swell up and I looked like I had gained an extra stone in weight! I was told by the specialist who ran the tests that within a few years (by my mid 20’s) I could expect to even be in a wheelchair! I was devastated by this diagnosis and it left me feeling there was simply no hope in ever returning to good health. It was very painful and almost impossible to kneel on the floor and my joints ached often.

Upon receiving my first herbal formula for this complaint I found that the swelling in my whole body (which was very puffy all over), simply decreased within a couple of days. I continued on the herbal medicine for a good 10-12 months and gradually weaned off the formulas. I commenced daily walks, enrolled in the local gym, would swim two to three times a week and even began classes in kick boxing, something I never thought I would be able to do prior to taking the herbal remedies, along with changing my diet to include a large percentage of fresh healthy foods and daily vegetable and fruit juices.

Consistency is definitely the key to natural therapies. It is important to take the herbal formulas as prescribed, usually three times a day and to take them over a lengthy period of time, particularly for chronic situations. This way you will obtain excellent results and heal at a deeper level.   Natasha - Sydney 1998

I was under a great deal of stress having to travel overseas often and experiencing great emotional upheaval. The flower remedies for jetlag and anti-stress herbal remedy, (which included St Johns Wort and herbs for the nervous system), that I received prior to an overseas flight made me feel heaps better. I seemed to get over the jetlag within 12 hours of the long trip - previously it used to take 2 or three days! The anti-stress remedy also made me focus on the more positive outlook and I remember feeling much stronger emotionally. Viv - Queensland 2001

If you suffer each month with heavy or sore breasts, Evening Primrose Oil is hard to beat. I was advised by Lyn to take 2 x 1000mg capsules a day for at least a minimum of three months and 3 capsules a day one week before a period really relieves the pain and that uncomfortable heavy feeling.

I have also had excellent results with taking St Johns Wort for depression and especially premenstrual mood swings. If you're feeling a bit down or tired it's a great pick-me-up. Teresa - Sydney 2001

I have had a low back pain for about two months, and I have not been able to get it right even with various bodywork applications. I saw Lyn and she did Muscle Testing and using RAW energy balancing work with affirmations and told me not to think about it just to trust. That afternoon I realised that I was pain free. It’s now 2 months since and I still have no pain. Also, after having a stressful time in my life I was bleeding for two weeks after my periods, something that I have never had problems with before Lyn did a surrogate Balance on me (distant healing) known as Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) and that night I stopped bleeding. I am back to normal cycle with no breakthrough bleeding occurring.
Therese - Sydney 2003

I initially contacted Lyn Craven in 2001 because I was interested in trying the Native American ear candling method. I also suffered from trauma related health problems, including Polycystic Ovaries and intermittent bouts of ‘black dog’ depression that struck me down without warning. When I realised how accomplished Lyn was in the wholistic healing field, I intuitively felt that she would be the person to help me overcome my longstanding problems that western medicine had failed to solve. After my first consultation, I began a course of herbal and homeopathic remedies, combined with counselling, energy balancing sessions and, a new healing technique called ‘Rekindled Ancient Wisdom’ (RAW). Within two weeks, I began to feel a subtle shift of energy and the emergence of a new sense of wellbeing. Within a month, I felt many positive qualities return, such as clarity, concentration, motivation, inner peace and above all, balance. I also began attending Lyn’s weekly, guided meditation classes, which is another highly effective tool in wholistic medicine.

I continued treatment with Lyn until late 2002 and then commenced a course of acupuncture, which is known to be very effective in the treatment of polycystic ovaries. Financial difficulties cut short my treatment with both Lyn and the Acupuncturist but I was determined to resume treatment as soon as I was able upon my return to live in Adelaide in 2003.

I have never suffered from ‘black dog’ depression since. My menstrual cycle is more regular than it has ever been and an ultrasound will soon determine the state of my polycystic ovaries. I have recently resumed Lyn’s herbal remedies and acupuncture for my ovarian cysts and firmly believe that this wholistic combination will restore my ovaries to their natural healthy state.

I consider Lyn Craven to be among the best natural therapists in Australia and highly recommend her to anyone who is prepared to make a firm commitment toward caring for the most important aspect of their lives – their health and well being. Linda, S.A.  August 2004

Energy Balance & Sabotage Release
I feel like a new person after our last sesion. Can you believe my partner and I have decided to start our own clothing label. So I have really broken my fear on starting my own business. The sky's the limit! This really worked for me! Belinda, NSW March, 2006

Lyn Craven's Bowen treatment cleared up my RSI which I was in agony with a year or so, and she also helped with a bout of gout that I suffered with Bowen and herbs. She is highly recommended. Thankyou.   Sharon Kelly, Waterloo, Sydney 2006

I would like to thank Lyn for helping me get back on track again after a nasty accident at work where a brick fell on the back of my leg (knee area).  I could barely walk.  I did have physio to start with but due to being a visitor to Australia I had no workcover.  I received 6 sessions of Bowen therapy and believe me, I was riding my bike and surfing by the 5th session!  I simply went back for the 6th then had a few maintanance treatments over next couple months until I left for overseas.  Bowen is brilliant.  Lyn was really supportive since I felt I would never be able to be active again.  I was on crutches when I met her and she encouraged me to think positive and work with meditation using the power of my mind to help the healing process.  Lyn gave me gentle exercises to do and the strength came back in no time. Fantastic !  I recommend Lyn and the Bowen treatment for any injuries.
Carlos, from Columbia!  2006

Carpel tunnel syndrome troubled me greatly.  I was told I needed surgery.  Someone told me to try Bowen therapy so I found Lyn and received about 6 sessions from her to find I had 95% strength back in my arm again!  She also gave me homoeopathic's for the inflammation since the arm was so sore and inflammed.  During my 2nd visit with her I told her of my teeth grinding and sometimes keeping me awake.  Since I was on thyroxine she advised me to discuss the doseage with my GP as it could be interfering with my calcium absorption.  Lyn gave me specific minerals to take to help with this since she told me it can be a sign of mineral imbalance.  Sure enough - I stopped grinding my teeth!  The minreals also assisted in giving further strength to my carpel tunnel.  Really impressed with this therapy and with Lyn.  Thank you so much for saving me from surgery !   Carol  Sydney  2007

I would like to thank Lyn for helping me resolve much of the awful pain I was experiencing in my body. I had 4 heart seizures and doctors were mystified as to why this was happening.  It turned out I had ingested parasistic infected water whilst travelling overseas and the parasites where not only attacking my heart but creating toxic overload in my blood generating a lot of muscular pain. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but really my symptoms must have appeared to be this.  Lyn gave me remedies to combat the parasites, inflammation and help build up my immune system along with other things.  I was off morphine medication within days and was able to reduce mild pain killing medication within less than 2 weeks.  My improvement continued over time.  Thank you so much.  I had been told I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life !!  What a dreadful thing to contemplate.     D.  2008

I suffered terrible back pain for a couple of years and tried several different treatments.  I did in fact have some Bowen therapy done on me but the medical doctor also mixed the very quick session with chiro and it did not resolve my problem.  I received 2 Bowen therapy treatments with Lyn which took an hour for each session.  I was so relaxed and found it very enjoyable - very different to my first experience over  a year ago with the doctor.  How surprised I was to discover I had no pain after the 2nd session !  The low back pain I had experienced was gone!  I am really impressed with Lyn's treatment using Bowen therapy and highly recommend to anyone seeing pain relief.  I did have further treatments with her and continue to receive them as on going maintance.  I love how relaxed I am during and after the treatment and the great nights sleep I always experience.     Peter 2011