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Creating a Positive Energy Space - for home and work

This short 3 hour class introduces you to some ancient and simple methods of clearing blocked negative energy from place of home and work.

Discover how energy affects our lives, health and well being including our relationships and that how when you clear negative energy you can improve these situations.

Learn how to protect yourself & clear negative energies from your auric field, restoring balance and harmony and eliminating stress.

Gain understanding of how ley lines, geopathic stress and earth rays can impact on the energy field around buildings and block free flowing chi energy within. How sometimes basic “placement” (as in Feng Shui) can assist in freeing up this energy and counterbalancing discrepancies with Chi.

Specific meditations to prepare you for house clearing, drawing upon the 4 Directions.

Experience complete release of stress during simple mediation exercises. Activate your senses and become more attune to your surroundings. Clear energy utilising both Native American and Buddhist’s principles working with the Ancestors of the Land.

Restore balance and harmony and eliminate stress from your life, allowing you to draw positive people and circumstances into your life.

Cost $85

Class only runs with minimum of 4 people

I can arrange a class at your home which would require a minimum of 7 people depending on location.

Meditation - Creative Visualisation    -   Weekly classes

Discover how easy and beneficial meditation is!

Guided Journeys assisting you in experiencing deep relaxation.

Eliminate stress and helping with all health issues, including addictions and weight loss.

Creative visualisation exercises to manifest and draw that which you need & desire into your life.

Open up your creative ability. Allow abundance to flow into your life with ease while maintaining a positive attitude.

Allow your body to fully relax whilst developing your intuition, clarity of mind and easy decision-making. Experience a deep sense of peace. Learn how you can enhance energy dynamics in all your relationships and maintain equilibrium and positivity each day using the Power of your Mind.

Meditation is a great healing tool that can be incorporated into any treatment regime you are presently involved in. You will find that when regularly applied you enhance other treatments you are receiving.

Weekly attendance is recommended for greater benefits. Groups up to 8-10 people only.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Classes start at 7.30pm - 9pm (1.5 hours)  Monday evenings
Cost $25 per visit
If you pay for 8 consecutive week course in advance cost is $185 - if an evening is missed it is not transferable to the end of the 8 week duration.

Please email to confirm your booking.